$625.00   $313.00 50% OFF
Black calf leather belt with studs
Avaliable sizes US26 (IT80) US28 (IT85) US30 (IT90) US32 (IT95) US34 (IT100) US36 (IT105) US38 (IT110) US40 (IT115)  
$495.00   $248.00 50% OFF
Men's black calf leather belt
Avaliable sizes BM85 BM90 BM95 US34 (IT100) US36 (IT105) US38 (IT110)  
$650.00   $325.00 50% OFF
Leather belt with studs
Avaliable sizes US28 (IT85) US30 (IT90) US32 (IT95) US34 (IT100) US36 (IT105) US40 (IT115)  
$190.00   $95.00 50% OFF
Black crocodile-embossed leather keyring
Avaliable sizes One Size  
$550.00   $165.00 70% OFF
Ruthenium metal chain
Avaliable sizes One Size  
$550.00   $165.00 70% OFF
Gold-plated metal chain
Avaliable sizes One Size  
$450.00   $225.00 50% OFF
White calfskin leather belt with logo
Avaliable sizes US26 (IT80) US28 (IT85) US40 (IT115)